Rose Bud & Pink Salt Detox Bath Brew

Rose Bud & Pink Salt Detox Bath Brew

An all natural, all organic and vegan and gluten friendly pink salt mix with rose buds specially crafted to detoxify the body. With epsom salts to relax and soothe the body whilst being an excellent source of magnesium as well as himilayan pink salt to relax, detoxify and deeply cleanse the body.

Bentonite clay is a key ingredient in this mix as the clay detoxify, smoothens and softens the skin.


Add 1/4- 2 cups to a bath and dissolve under warm water.


* All natural

* Cruelty-free

* Hand-crafted

* NZ made

* Preservative free

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  • Ingredients

    12m shelf life.


    Epsom salt, fine and course pink himilayan salt, baking soda, bentonite clay, rose buds.